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Feridhoo Coral Restoration Project Maldives

Make a difference

Even a small contribution can make a difference. Thanks to your support we can actively promote the restoration of Feridhoo reef and better protect maldivian ecosystem from climate change. There are many ways to get involved in our marine conservation project, check out all the options down here.   


Join our internship program

Thanks to the collaboration with Padua University and to our guesthouse we can host and offer mentorship to italian and international students working on their thesis or looking for unique internship activities.


By joining our Coral Restoration Internship program you will have the possibility to experience what its like to work as a coral reef conservationist. 

Come and visit with us

If you are planning to take a few days away from your busy life to enjoy a paradise, check out our guest house availability and the proposed activities. You will have the possibility to make a donation once here. 

More information?
Contact us!

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