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Feridhoo Coral Restoration Project Maldives

Discover our facilities and available services

Feridhoo Coral Restoration Project

Coral nurseries

By applying silviculture theory to corals, the coral gardening concept represented a breakthrough in coral reef restoration. It is a two-step process that employs either ex-situ or in-situ nurseries to grow fragments in sheltered, favourable conditions until they are ready to be outplanted on degraded reefs. This technique allows for the production of a greater number of colonies using smaller fragments, making it a viable methodology at larger scales while also reducing the damage to wild colonies. Currently our nursery hosts three main kind of structures: tree, rack and cone nurseries. He noticed that corals rolling around under his ship quickly turned white and died, but by securing the loose coral to a piece of bamboo pounded in the sand they would survive. For this he is credited with being the first coral restorationist. 

Feridhoo Coral Restoration Project Maldives


Students and researchers will be hosted at our guest house 50m away from the diving center. Villa Rosa is designed to accommodate an international clientele, attentive to the intrinsic value of the place and people who live there. Our guest house is furnished with five rooms provided with internet connection and air conditioning. Particular attention is dedicated to the cuisine that combines Italian products, with spicy and healthy notes of the Maldivian cuisine. The shared spaces and the conviviality ensure a familiar atmosphere from which to move safely to the discovery  the infinite beauty of the place.

Diving center

Noohiri is a diving and water sport center located on the island of Feridhoo, which is part of the northern portion of Ari Atoll, one of the most well-known and popular for scuba diving. The center is a 5 stars PADI resort which offers all SCUBA equipment required for us and students during gradening operations and nursery maintainance          

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We have at our daily disposal two different boats:

  1.  Barabaru (14m)

  2. Fashion (18m) 

Boats are extremely important for excursions, diving and field activities in the ocean. 

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