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Coral Restoration Week - April 2024

We are happy to close the season with the end of the Coral Restoration Week, hosted by Noohiri Diving Center and Coral Restoration Project Feridhoo. The partecipants were students from the International School H-Farm, who came to discover everything about corals and the biodiversity of coral reefs.

The students had the opportunity to join us on some dives on the nurseries to learn how to measure the lenght of a coral fragment, how to check their health and how to quantify the bleaching or tha algae coverage.

We also spent a lot of time snorkeling and diving on the reefs surrounding the island and the students had time to learn how to recognize different type of corals and the animals that live on them.

Everyday they seated on a lesson, host by our Marine Biologist and they were interested and curious.

New generations are the ones that could really make a difference in the future on the way we are treating our planet!

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